About Us


Inspired by a genuine need, James Public Relations emerged from much reflection on the challenges faced by school districts, nonprofits, and small businesses in the Pittsburgh area. Often constrained by tight budgets, the vulnerability of communication and public relations roles become apparent and are often deemed expendable. Understandably, the choice between allocating resources to essential employees and communications professionals is stark. However, we firmly believe that effective communication plans along with dedicated personnel are pivotal not only for success but also for the prosperity of the communities they serve.

James Public Relations was developed as a solution to this dilemma. Recognizing financial limitations, we offer valuable, professional, and expert communication services at an affordable rate.  James Public Relations steps in to get the job done even when there isn't a large marketing budget available, and you receive a direct connection to a seasoned communications professional.

Our commitment is strong to support those who better our communities through education, nonprofits, and small businesses.  As K-12 schools shape our future leaders, we acknowledge the diverse paths those students take beyond graduation—whether it's pursuing higher education, entering the workforce, or embarking on entrepreneurial ventures. Kristen, the driving force behind James Public Relations, identified the gap in affordable communication services for small business owners by drawing from her experience as the wife of an entrepreneur. In today's uncertain economic climate, there's a demand for clear and direct communication without the burden of hefty retainers and hourly rates that you can expect from large firms.

At James Public Relations, we recognize the value of crafting compelling content to narrate your story to potential customers. Our mission is to make high-quality communication accessible, ensuring that both educational institutions and small businesses can thrive in an interconnected world.

Kristen D. James Owner

Kristen has been passionately working as a Communications Director in public education for the past 15 years.  She spent 12 of those years working for her alma mater, the McKeesport Area School District, and an additional 2.5 years at Mt. Lebanon School District, a District rated in the top quarter percent of K-12 School Districts in the country.  

Kristen is a consummate professional bringing a wealth of experience and a refined touch to every facet of her professional portfolio. Adeptly steering the realms of content creation, media relations, crisis communication, and the strategic development of websites, she not only manages accounts but also delves into the intricate world of the analytics behind them. Her skill set extends beyond the common roles of an account manager, as she is a prolific writer, event planner, and a valuable presence on diverse donor and foundation boards. 

Before her work in public education, she worked for Hearst Argyle (WTAE) Television as a Digital Account Executive and has experience in an advertising and public relations agency setting with the former Krome Communications.  In 2006, Kristen was a United States Congressional Intern, which paved the way for many great connections in the communications industry.

Kristen has been published nationally in the Wall Street Journal, and her work featured on CNN, Fox News, and The Today Show throughout her career. 

Kristen has a bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Communications and a Paralegal Certificate.  She lives with her husband and two children in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.